Remote Drum Tracks


Lakeside Sound Studios


LAKESIDE SOUND: Lakeside Sound Studios is a drum tracking studio operated by session drummer Brian Hudson. Brian provides remote drum tracks for artists from around the world including from Australia, Croatia,  England, France, Spain, The United States, etc. He has tracked drums in the studio on over 100 songs, some of which have received radio airplay and well over one million streams on major digital media services in the United States and throughout the world. He has performed on various singles, EPs, and albums covering a wide range of styles from Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Pop, CCM, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, Funk, Latin, etc.

Studio Gear: Shure, AKG, Audix, Audio Technica, Universal Audio, Apple and Logic Pro X


  • Sakae Almighty Birch (10, 12, 14, 16, 22×16)
  • Sakae Trilogy (3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple – Vintage Sound) (10, 12, 14, 16, 22×14)
  • Yamaha Maple Custom (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22×16)
  • Yamaha Club Custom (Kapur shells- Vintage) (12, 16, 22×15)
  • Vintage 1966 Ludwig Super Classic (13, 16, 22×14) (Mahogany/Poplar/Maple)

Snare Drums: 20+ snare drums

Cymbals: Assorted Paiste Cymbals

GPTempDownload-3EFB4C897-0A69-4CC6-9345-82D7B6DFBE54Hudson in the Studio December 2019In the studio tracking for JF Worship

Lakeside Sound Clients:

Time Standing Still Brad MillerHead to Heart - Rusty Reid4CDA30E5-85FD-4CCA-A515-7E13CEBC2702Chris CometMind+Your+Step+Album+Art+(small)

Sample of Brian’s work in the studio:

Brian is available to hire directly from this web site by contacting him at brianhudsondrums (at) gmail (dot) com or by contacting him via SoundBetter or AirGigs.

Brian Hudson Drums, Live drum track on SoundBetterImage result for airgigs

What clients say about Brian:

“Fantastic work again from Brian Hudson, really brought the track to life. Couldn’t be more pleased. Fab!!” – O’Connell & Love – England

“Thank you so much Brian for your wonderful work laying down an amazing groove on my track. Brian was a true professional and was able to capture the exact feel and sound I wanted for my project. I highly recommend him! Thanks again mate. Cheers Brad”  – Brad Miller – Australia

“Brian is a professional drummer that really understands groove and songwriting. Highly recommended, thanks so much Brian!” – Mic Nix Productions – Australia

“Brian is a pro. Quick turnaround. Excellent communication. Best of all… great sound.” – Rusty Reid – Seattle, WA

“Brian is a great drummer and a great person too! Very easy to work with him. He gets involved in the project from the very beginning. His drum tracks are very professional and the sound is fabulous. I would highly recommend to hire his services to everyone! With no doubt we’re gonna work together again! 5 stars aren’t enough to rate him. :-)” – Albert Alegre/The Perfect Fool – Barcelona, Spain

How it works:

  1. Contact me to discuss the project in detail including the sound and groove you are looking for and the overall feel of the song(s);
  2. Send MP3 or WAV file of the track along with the tempo and click track;
  3. Send sample rate and bit rate you are working with;
  4. We will then settle on payment;
  5. I will track drums for your song(s) using high quality equipment, drums, cymbals and microphones;
  6. Once payment clears, I will send you 2 versions of the multi-track take via Dropbox or WeTransfer.
  7. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  I am not finished with the project until you are 100% satisfied!!