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I am honored to announce that I am now a regional endorsing artist for Sakae Drums.  Many people may not know that Sakae Drums is a family owned company making handcrafted drums in Japan for over 90 years.  They made high quality drums for one of the world’s leading drum companies for many years including the maple and birch customs and recording custom brands (hint).  When that drum company went in a different direction in 2009, Sakae Rhythm started marketing their own brand under Sakae Drums.

I have owned a Sakae Trilogy kit for over a year and can honestly say that it is one of the best sounding kits I have ever played.  The drums are made of a 3 ply maple/poplar/maple shell made famous by vintage drums.  The Trilogy series maintains the nice low end of the vintage drums with a modern touch and sound.  I am very excited to play these drums both live and in the studio!

Sakae Drums inspire me to play better and play more musical!  You really cannot ask for anything more!

Check them out for yourselves at!

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