May 2020 Update

Tracking drums for Australian artist Tom Francis

Tracking drums for Australian artist Tom Francis

Hello everyone!

Remote Drum Tracks

As the entire country has been navigating the COVID-19 situation and hunkering down in our homes, I have been super busy writing new music, coming up with song ideas and tracking drums for various artists from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland and The United States.   I am fortunate that I have been building my studio over the years and am equipped to provide remote drum tracks for artists, producers and songwriters from all over the world.  I am extremely grateful for the work I am getting during this time.  Thanks to all of the artists and producers who have hired me over the past few months to play on their tracks!  Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Steve Baskin Album, Mind Your Step, Released!

Mind+Your+Step+Album+Art+(small)Also during this quarantine, power pop/American artist Steve Baskin’s new album, Mind Your Step, was released worldwide on all streaming platforms, CD and Vinyl.  We had so much fun making this record!  I am very proud of this album and honored that Steve asked me to play on the entire album!  Please check it out!

Look for upcoming releases that I played drums on from Australian Artist Tom Francis and pop/rock artist The Perfect Fool from Spain!

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